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Meet our Governing Body

Welcome to our governors page. Below you will find a list of our governing body.

This page will soon contain more information regarding our Governors, such as their role at our school and some information about why they became a Governor.

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Camelot Governing Body

Appointments Start Date End Date Type of Governor
Ms Juliette Young (Chair) 26/09/2013 25/09/2017 Authority
Ms Rosemary Blomfield 20/06/2012 19/06/2016 Co-opted
Miss Emily Meek (Vice Chair) 01/12/2014 30/11/2018 Co-opted
Mrs Alice Patel 27/01/2014 26/01/2018 Co-opted
Mr James Robinson 20/01/2016 Headteacher
Mr Michael Obi  27/03/2014  26/03/2018 Parent
Ms Angela Paradza 03/12/2012 02/12/2016 Parent
Ms Lucy Gawthorp 07/11/2012 06/11/2016 Staff
Charlotte Thomas Staff

Governor Biographies

  1. Juliette Young

    Juliette has been an LA governor at Camelot since October 2013. She is currently the Chair of the Governing Body.

    An early career in marketing and sales was followed by many years working for two of the UK’s largest children’s charities, which support some of the most vulnerable children and families in the UK.  She currently runs her own small business.

    “I became a school Governor as I believe that education enables children to have future life choices.  It’s a pleasure to have the opportunity to help progress the high standards at this happy school”

  2. Victoria Wade

    Name: Ms Victoria Wade
    Governor since: October 2015
    Type of Governor: Co-opted
    Profession: Career Consultant
    Committees: Curriculum, Inclusion and Standards.

    Why Camelot is special: Camelot is an extremely welcoming school with strong links to its diverse and culturally rich local community.  All staff are committed to helping the pupils develop and succeed in a positive environment and the school prides itself on being a warm and motivating centre of learning.

    Talk to me about: Anything we can do to help pupil and staff development

  3. Alice Patel

    Name: Mrs Alice Patel
    Governor since: February 2014
    Type of Governor: Co-opted
    Profession:  Civil Servant

    Why Camelot is special: I wanted to become a governor to give something back to my local community and what better place than Camelot? The school has such a great atmosphere and happy group of pupils.

    Talk to me about: Finance and resources – I am Chair of the Resources Committee

  4. Emily Meek

    Name: Emily Meek
    Governor since: November 2013
    Type of Governor: Co-opted
    Profession: Project Manager

    Why Camelot is special: Camelot is a school that reflects its diverse community and encourages positive aspirations in children. We have a strong core of great teachers, enthusiastic pupils and parents providing stability and support

  5. Rosemary Blomfield

    I have been a co-opted governor since 2012. My great-grandfather, grandfather and father all lived and worked in Queen’s Road so I feel a strong connection to this area. I was born in Kenya and I have lived in Nunhead for over 30 years.

    I worked as a primary school teacher. My two daughters went to local schools and I have been a parent governor and a staff governor. I speak Portuguese and some French. I believe the governing body is passionate about making sure Camelot continues to make progress as a community school. I am the governor responsible for safeguarding and child protection.

  6. Cat Paterson

    Name: Ms Cat Paterson
    Governor since: November 2015
    Type of Governor: Co-opted
    Profession: Business strategist

    Why Camelot is special: Camelot is a little community which has been through a lot and is pulling together to be stronger coming out the other side. It takes passion and trust on behalf of the pupils, parents and teaching community – something which we should cherish as we move forwards.

    Talk to me about: Anything we can do to improve our sense of community and the delivery of top quality education.

  7. Michael Chukwudum Obi

    Type of Governor: Parent Governor from 2014 to 2018

    Parent of four children at Camelot Primary School in years Five, Four, Two and One – since Nursery.

    Camelot Primary School is a little community, which has been through a lot of developments. As Camelot is trying to pull together to become an Outstanding school, were all making the effort for the benefit of our children – from the staff, to the parents to the students of Camelot primary school.  Together we can contribute our human resources to make this school Outstanding.

    Talk to me about: Anything we can do better as we allocate our recourses to improve safety and wellbeing.

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