Letters to Parents

Welcome parents…

Dear Parents,
Welcome to our new parents’ page. This page will very soon be populated with a plethora of material ranging from useful links through to video tutorials, which will allow you to work with your child on a range of subjects quickly and easily at home.


Parents letters…

For more information, please download the letter below:

  • Autumn term letters coming soon.



This area will be regularly updated so please keep checking back for new material. To download a document, please choose from the list below.

  • Coming soon…


Useful Links

To start our links section off on our new page, we have offered a series of links for you to external websites that may be of interest to you.

Please choose from the list below:

A collection of activities and games for all subjects.

The BBC website for children aged 7-11 Watch programmes and play games.

The BBC website for children aged 8 and under. Watch, Learn and Play.
http://www.teachyourmonstertoread.com/ – A lovely free website with phonic games for young children.

Great collection of thinking games for children.

An activity book for children based on Harriet Tubman’s life.