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Early Years (EYFS)

Purpose of study

At Camelot Primary School, our Nursery and Reception classes follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. We believe that children in the Early Years learn best through play and exploration and our provision both inside and outside provides the rich, stimulating learning environment that will facilitate the necessary opportunities to facilitate this approach to learning.


Our aim is that by the time they leave the Reception class all children will have made the outstanding progress that ensures they are ready for the challenge of Key Stage One and beyond. They will develop basic numeracy and literacy skills to complement their personal, social and emotional skills with each cohort of children from 2018 onwards meeting national outcomes for securing a good level of development in all the prime areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum.

what we provide 

Teachers and Early Years Educators take time to support children to settle into school, making relationships with them and their parents/carers so as to nurture their safety, well-being and development. Through the adult observations and discussions of the children’s learning, we plan rich stimulating activities both inside and outside which support and extend all children’s progress.

We provide play based open ended challenges to encourage children to take risks, be independent and inquisitive imaginative learners who are confident, creative and think critically. Adult lead focus activities run alongside the play based learning to support children with their literacy and mathematical development. 

what we expect 

We expect our children will be able to use their phonic knowledge to read and write, have a solid understanding of number, have formed strong friendships and are a confident member of our happy school community. We approach learning with the intention to both develop in our children those characteristics of effective learning that will prepare and support them for their education and varied futures ahead. The resilient, versatile young learner will acquire a thirst for knowledge and will relish every opportunity offered by our school and its rich diversity as well as its outstanding curriculum.