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Attendance & Punctuality

97% attendance target 

We take the issue of attendance very seriously and do all we can to obtain very high attendance from all our students. 

If your child is too ill to come to school please inform the office before 9.00am on the first day of absence.

If you don't contact us, it will be recorded as an unauthorised absence

Helping your child attend school 

Here are some ways to help your child:

  • make sure they understand the importance of good attendance and punctuality
  • take an interest in their education by asking about school work and encouraging them
  • discuss any problems they may have, informing the school about anything serious
  • don't let them take time off school for minor ailments
  • arrange appointments and outings after school hours, at weekends or during school holidays

Under normal circumstances, you shouldn't expect the school to agree to your child going on holiday during term-time. Birthdays, shopping trips, looking after brothers and sisters, waiting in for a delivery, outings, visits to relatives and lack of school uniform aren't acceptable reasons for missing school.

If you're having difficulties ensuring that your child attends school regularly, talk directly to school staff who will do their best to help. If you child has attendance problems, we will try to agree a plan to improve your child's attendance. If you don't follow the plan and things don't improve, we will take further action.

term time absence requests 

Our Attendance Policy provides further details on term time absence.  If a parent needs to request a term-time absence they must inform the Headteacher in writing using the Absence Request form. Absence requests will not be authorised unless there are exceptional circumstances and your child must not already have attendance below 97%.  A meeting may be required to discuss such a request.

Please complete the Special Leave Form below.